Investment Castings|Cast Steel|Precision Casting Manufacture|Lost Wax Castings

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Investment Castings|Cast steel|Precision casting manufacture|Lost wax castings

1.Material: Steel (stainless steel , carbon steel ) ; iron , alloy steel , WCB etc. Casting 

2.Process: Investment casting & Machining 

3.Technology: SOdium silication casting / silica sol casting 

4.Dimensions: As per customer's Drawings 

5.Tolerances: CT5-CT8 / CT7-CT9 as requires 

6.Surface Treatment: Polishing , painting etc. as customer's requirement.

7.Inspection: Dimension inspection,Chemical composition analysis (Spectrum analysis),Mechanical property testing,X-Ray inspection,Dye Penetrant Inspection,Magnetic powder inspection,Metallographic inspections

8.Application: Mechanical Components/parts,Boat parts and Marine hardware,Construction hardware,Auto parts and accessories,Medical Instrument parts,pump & valve parts and accessories,Impellers and propellers,Pipe Fittings or pipeline accessories,Other industry metal casting parts.

9.Range of casting weight: 0.50kg-450kg.

Wind Industrial Supplied as one of a qualified supplier of metal products, and exporter in casting products,we adopt advanced investment castingsprocessing in manufacturing stainless steel castings, alloy steel casting carbon steel castings, engineered machinery products with CNC machining which are widely used in automotive,marine, train, railway, valve and pump, pipe fittings construction components and so on.