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what is machine forging?

Mar 06, 2017

machine forging is used to make parts in

Part which need strength to weight ratio is high. Like moveable pats are made by forging process like propeller shaft, crank shaft, Pitman arm etc. Many medical instrument are made bye this process because there is need of light weight and higher strength.

Forging give very high strength because in this process plastic deformation take place and give continuous grains flow in components which provides more strength. Plastic deformation decided in three types cold, warm, and hot. In cold deformation billets(raw material for forging) are heated at below recrystallization temperature, in hot deformation billets are heated at above recrystallization temperature. And in warm billets is heat between these two temp.

Which type of deformation is needed it's depends upon final product.

machine forging is used to make parts in

pneumatic forging machine abstract

The Pneumatics is study of mechanical motion caused by pressurized gases and how this motion can be used to perform engineering tasks. 

Pneumatic systems operate on a supply of compressed air which must be available in sufficient quantity and the air used in pneumatic devices is dried and free from moisture so that it does not create any problem to the internal parts of the system and avoid corrosive actions too. 

The compressed air is delivered by the compressor which is a machine that takes in air or gas at a certain pressure and delivered the air at a high pressure. 

This machine is pneumatic powered machine and electrical energy is used to operate which has low co-efficient of friction and air. 

forging machine types

The forging machine specifications are determined by the necessary dimensional accuracy and the quantity of products. There are different types of forging machine classified according to the drive system, for instance, air hammer, mechanical press, hydraulic press, etc. Crankshafts are forged mainly using air hammers and mechanical presses. Hot forging with an air hammer8 requires a shorter time for die changes. The die and machine are less costly, but require a skilled operator as the material is handled manually. This is appropriate where production numbers are small.

In the manufacturing process of assembled-type crankshafts, upset forging first swells the web and counterweight from a bar. One end is heated for upsetting, using the same process as that for valves. Following this, die forging gives the final shape. Various forging methods

forging machine types

forging and casting difference

Forging is a process of reforming a metal shape by hammering, pressing, and bending a metal in the solid condtion. While forging can be accomplished at room temperature on many metals, it is more common to heat the metal to red hot temperatures.

Casting is a process where the metal is melted and poured or forced into a mold, such that the metal solidifies and takes the shape of the mold.