Brass Machined Components

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Product Details

Brass Machined Components

Product Description

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc. Brass consisting only of copper and zinc is called ordinary brass. If it is composed of two or more elements, it is called special brass. Brass Machined Components is commonly used in the manufacture of valves, pipes, pins, radiator parts, mechanical parts, cooling equipment parts, etc.

Product Features

Abrasion resistance: Brass Machined Components has good wear resistance, wear resistance and the performance of brass brass sleeve.

Corrosion resistance: In most cases, including air, water or brine, petrochemicals and many chemical systems, Brass Machined Components can exhibit excellent corrosion resistance.

Solderability: Brass parts have good weldability for water heaters, air conditioners, radiator parts, etc.

Product Specification

Material: Aluminium,Steel, Brass, Copper, Stainless steel, Plastic, POM, Delrin, Titanium Alloy etc

Surface treatment: Zinc plating, Anodization, Chemical fim, Powder, Passivation, Sand blasting, Brushing & ploshing etc

Processing equipment: CNC machining center, CNC lathe, grinding machine, automatic lathe machine, conventional lathe machine, milling machine, EDM etc

Inspection equipment: 3D CMM; 2.5D images measuring instrument, Roughness meter, slide caliper,micrometers, universal angle rule, gauge block,dial indicator, thread gauge etc.

QC system: 100% inspection before shipment, Third Party inspection available upon request

Packing: Foam, Carton, Wooden boxes, as customized requirements

Product Scope: CNC machining/turning parts /Jig & Fixture design and make/Heat sink,golf putter CNC prototyping/Sheet metal parts/Display and other metal accessories, Automation equipment etc