Thermal Spraying Stainless Steel Powder

Alloy steel powder, high performance powders manufacture, Copper powder,We can product most metal alloy nanoparticles on the basis of element Cu, Al, Si, Zn, Ti, Ni, Co, Sn, Cr, Fe, Mg. the products include Thermal spraying stainless steel powder,Cold spraying stainless steel powder,Nickel powders,High fine copper powders.

Product Details

Thermal spraying stainless steel powder


Thermal Spraying Stainless Steel Powder and other powders are manufactured by water-atomising, air-atomising or by electrolysis to give irregular, spherical and dendritic morphologies respectively. The properties and uses of Thermal Spraying Stainless Steel Powder vary by particle shape/size/surface area. Copper powder can be used in a variety of markets and technologies by carefully selecting the right grade.

We can produce most metal alloy nanoparticles based on the elements Cu, Al, Si, Zn, Ti, Ni, Co, Sn, Cr, Fe, Mg. Products include thermal spray stainless steel powder, cold spray stainless steel powder, nickel powder, high-fine copper powder.


Spherical shape is available

High uniformity of chemical composition

Low oxygen and inclusion content

Good appearance and good fluidity

Excellent performance in HVOF spray and additive manufacturing


Conductive paste in electronic devices

Conductive inks

Solar cells for solar energy devices

Capacitor Chips


Chemical Catalysts


Printing Inks

Printed Circuits

Injection Moulding

Brazing/ soldering paste

Sintered alloys/ products

Antifouling paint for ships and boats