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Application Of Different Materials In Big Diameter 304L Stainless Steel Forged Rings,6061,7075 Aluminum Forged Rings,Copper Forged Rings

May 16, 2017

Wind Industrial supplied-304 stainless steel forging rings.bmpIn today's production conditions and facilities, our factory WIND Industrial Supplied Co.,Ltd for different materials of large diameter dimension forging ring analysis and comparison, due to the application of different industrial areas, we according to different customer Engineered products for classification and analysis. In the field of WIND ENERGY PRODUCTS, we mainly supply Diameter from the 500-3000 mm different forging rings, their materials include 304L stainless steel FORGED RING, 6061 aluminum alloy FORGED RING,7075 FORED RING, Titanium alloy FORGED RING and pure COPPER forged rings. In the oil& gas industry, we mainly supply forged rings from Dia 150-2000 mm in diameter, the forged ring materials including 1020 carbon steel forged rings, the AISI4140 forged steel rolled ring, 316L stainless steel forged rings, 6061 aluminum alloy forged rings, 6061 aluminum alloy flanges and forged rings, BRASS alloy Forged flanges and Forged Rings, brass alloys Forged ring. In the Paper industry, Textile industry, Cement manufacturing industry and Vehicle manufacturing industries, we mainly provide some medium to large size of different materials forging rings and flanges,fittings, materials, including the 6061 aluminum alloy forging flange, Titanium forging flange and fittings, 304 stainless steel forging rings and flanges,fittings, high Nickel-Chromium alloy forging ring and flanges, pure Copper alloy forging ring and flange, fittings.

In different industrial areas, we have more manufacturing facilities and capabilities to meet the needs of our different customers for forging rings, rolled rings, flanges and fittings.